Form Company

We work with you to determine the best legal form for your entity (Sole Proprietorship, LP, LLP, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp), identify the best state in which to form your entity, and to file your paperwork in an accurate and timely manner. We form companies for every kind of business. We then establish governance procedures that keep your company organized, legally compliant and aligned with investor expectations from day one.

Distribute Equity

We work with you to develop agreements for, and distribute equity among, company founders and early team members to ensure fair and reasonable terms, incentivize contributions from all team members, and minimize long-term risks to business. We learn about your short and long term goals, contributions of different team members and how you see your company growing over time; with that information, we work with you to devise equity arrangements that benefit all parties.

Protect Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is often the most valuable asset that a startup owns.  So you determine what IP you can protect and file applications for that IP; but you don’t want to waste time and money filing applications for IP that you cannot protect.  We help you determine what IP can be protected, and make timely and accurate filings that increase your chances of having it protected.

Raise Funds

Throughout a company’s lifecycle, investment powers your business. But that doesn’t mean that founders and business owners want money at any cost or investors want equity at any cost. As a business owner or founder, it’s important to receive funds on reasonable terms that don’t force you to give up an excessive amount of equity or control. As an investor, it’s important to obtain the maximum possible return at a reasonable risk with maximum flexibility. We help founders and business owners document and negotiate seed, angel, venture, and other financings to help them maintain maximum equity and control, and help investors do the same to maximize their flexibility and returns.

Build Your Team

A great team drives a successful business.  But, as important as team members’ skills and talents are, it is equally important that their roles and responsibilities are clearly defined; their incentives are properly aligned with your company’s; and, if things go wrong, your company’s information, secrets and competitive position are protected. We help you define your board, advisor and employee relationships so that you can build a highly motivated and collegial team that moves in unison toward your company’s goals.

Draft & Negotiate Contracts

Your customers and your vendors are essential to your business. Without customers, you have no business. Without vendors, you can’t service your customers. But you obviously don’t want any customer or any vendor on any terms; instead, you want to develop those relationships on terms that limit your exposure, protect your interests and maximize your opportunities. We develop contractual arrangements that help you achieve those goals.