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Welcome to the Naggiar Law Firm!

We are experienced New York startup lawyers who are dedicated exclusively to startups and new businesses.  As NYC startup attorneys, we help founders choose the right legal entity for their needs; wisely and fairly distribute equity among founders; establish effective governance procedures; build boards of directors and advisors that add value; develop employment agreements that protect startups and incentivize employees; and raise funds from seed, angel and venture investors.

We love working with startups, and we think you’ll love working with us for the following reasons:

Reasonable Pricing: We know that startups work within budgets, so we have fixed prices for our most common services and reasonable prices for our services in general.
Excellent Client Service: We make ourselves available and respond quickly, and we also clearly explain key legal issues to you without legal jargon so that you can make the best decisions for your business.
Valuable Counsel: We put our extensive experience to work on your behalf by offering valuable legal and strategic counsel to inform your planning.
Powerful Representation: As your attorney, we will passionately represent your startup’s interests by protecting your equity and assets, minimizing your risks and maximizing your potential for growth.

If you need an experienced New York City startup attorney, then give us a call at XXXXXXX or send us a message through our form.  We look forward to hearing from you!